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Trees From Above

Towards Collective Action

& Our Pledge for Change

Welcome to the place for people working to change lives and the planet for the better. We call these people Impacteurs because they put positive impact at the heart of everything they do.

We all rely on the same resources on this planet. We all suffer the same fate when those resources become scarce and/or toxic.
Our current efforts to make our resources more sustainable are not keeping pace with their depletion, contamination, and/or destruction.

Substantial innovation is necessary to transcend our current evolutionary limitations.
However, innovation requires time, patience, and understanding as well as significant funding that often results in delayed returns on investment.
Moreover, traditional funding models focus on individual companies and their products, rather than the problems they attempt to solve.
This is like asking 50 groups of beavers to build 50 dams along the same river.
Solving global issues requires acting as a global community and measuring the actual impact we make, rather than the profits we gain.

The World Impact Forum, organised by the World Impact Group (WIG), is a confluence of people who want to understand how to fund, support,
and propagate collaborative and holistic innovation that can actually solve our most pressing global issues.

To be a global catalyst for positive change, empowering a network of visionary leaders and change-makers who drive sustainable solutions for a better world.

Check out our upcoming events and join us in creating a sustainable future.

Take a look at our past events and see the impact we've made in the community.

Join our community of conscious-driven individuals and make a difference in the world.

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